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I took this image after it caught my eye several times while driving around downtown Los Angeles. I finally had my camera and pulled over on Compton ave and snapped this photo. The art is protected behind plexi mounted to the wall so I assume somebody likes it and luckily the lavender paint was hurled a little too high and missed the image almost entirely. I guess it’s a Banksy?

I then emailed the image to a company in Austin called Easy Canvas Prints and they quickly sent me this striking piece of art. I opted for the orange border color wrap but there are other options. Your digital photos are now canvas masterpieces with the click of a button, enjoy!

Lego Soap

These would be fun! | Source


There is no solution to this puzzle only various patterns brooklyn5and10

giant puzzle pieces

These look like fun!


This is how the cool kids roll…

Indians & cowboys


Solar powered fun

Only $25 over at the future perfect site


I love Pokey because he’s orange and kinda grumpy!

Keif Moon

I understand why this drum kit is at the goodwill with its withered cymbals and pock marked skins, but that kid is a future rock star!